(K)asual kawaii style

Luv this “casual kawaii” 💗🎀👙


Kawaii Clothing & Glam Fashion Featuring Our Doll Coco | Dolls Kill

Kawaii Clothing & Glam Fashion Featuring Our Doll Coco | Dolls Kill.


Oooooooh my, yep dolls really DO kill. And this site has some hands-down killer-kawaii-fashion <3!

Handmade Beanies Scarves Accessories and Gloves by TheBakedBeanie

Handmade Beanies Scarves Accessories and Gloves by TheBakedBeanie.

Some super kawaii goodies to check out at The Baked Beanie. If you’re into kawaii stuff, you no doubt have a drawer full of EOS lip balm like I do. The lip balm cozies on this website are seeeeeriously ADORABLE. And who doesn’t want a little pink fuzzy plush? Click the link peeps and prepare for some pastel-rainbow-warmfuzzies!


Kawaii Easter gifts

Looking for that perfect little Kawaii Easter Gift? Check out this ADORABLE Easter Bunny Basket! It’s just sitting there ready to be filled with yummy kawaii treats or an EOS Lip Balm even. Yep, holiday kawaii gift for sure ❤

Kiki & Lala Cafe in Tokyo now serving up star shaped burgers and more!【Photos】

Can food be Kawaii? Absolutely!!! I’m reblogging this because it’s a perfect example of just how kawaii food can be. We all know that cupcakes are kawaii lol, but move beyond the obvious and into the world of kawaii food that isn’t just in the “dessert” category. ❤


Last year, Japan’s most successful creator of cute characters, Sanrio, melted our hearts with the whimsical My Melody pop-up cafe . This spring, they’re working their cute-making magic once again to bring us a limited-time Kiki & Lala (Little Twin Stars) Cafe in the newly opened Shibuya Parco Part 1 mall in Toyko! Twin power for double the cuteness!

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Kawaii 101

Okay peeps, I’m going to get back to basics for a sec. If you’re new to kawaii, wondering if YOU are kawaii, or just scratching your head about the whole thing, please read on. If you head over to Wikipedia and type in “kawaii”, here is basically what you will find:

Kawaii (かわいい?, [kaw͍aiꜜi], “lovable”, “cute”, or “adorable”[1]) is the quality of cuteness in the context of Japanese culture.[2][3][4] It has become a prominent aspect of Japanese popular culture, entertainment, clothing, food, toys, personal appearance, behavior, and mannerisms.[5] The noun is kawaisa (可愛さ?), literally, “lovability”, “cuteness” or “adorableness”.

If you check out the pic, you’ll see how she is basically oozing adorableness; take note of pastel colors, bows, ponytail hair, and various other sweet baubles and bangles. Cute, cute, cute!

Sooooo, there you have it…kawaii is simple sweetness wrapped in cuteness ❤